Good places to dine at Junquillal are:

“LAND HO” AT THE VILLA SERENA is very tasteful and wonderful new addition to Junquillal.  John and Olive Murphy are the owners, and they also have a Land Ho Restaurant on Cape Cod at Orleans, Mass.  It’s a great place with great surroundings and a great view.

The HOTEL HIBISCUS.  Rheiner, a nice German fellow will prepare anything you would like and do so in an elegant fashion.  We’ve enjoyed this very much.  He just needs a day’s notice to prepare. Nice atmosphere.

PUESTO DEL SOL is a very nice Italian restaurant across from the Hibiscus Hotel.  Very good Italian cuisine!  Allessandro and Silvana are great hosts.

GUACAMAYA LODGE is a very neat and picturesque spot.  It is owned by a Swiss family and has very good food.  Immaculate grounds and accommodations.   Bernie, Alice, Lillie and Mario are super hosts.

The IGUANAZUL HOTEL is also a very nice place to enjoy a cocktail or dine.  Great view of ocean and sunset! 

EL CASTILLO DIVERTIDO is a castle like small hotel.  Paul, a nice German fellow and his wife Silvia are very good hosts.  We’ve enjoyed a cocktail with him at the top of the “castle”.  They also serve food.  They are 
very friendly and love to visit.  Paul is a fantastic musician.

EL LUGARCITO is bed and breakfast owned by Maarten and Mieke, a Dutch couple.  They have done barbecues for our family and we’ve gone over with other couples to visit and watch the sunsets.  We also had a fun dominoes tournament there with many of the local residents.

BERNARDO’S (The Playa Junquillal Hotel), a very unique little spot right on the beach.   Bernardo is a nice fellow and you can have food and beverages in a real beach side atmosphere!  We’ve met some interesting people here.  Lots of fun.  We walk here from our condo often; it’s a nice walk on the beach.   We’ve had some good Costa Rican food as well as some great fish fries there over the years.  Steve has been managing it in recent years, as Bernardo is recovering from a stroke.  Steve is a great cook and serves up some great food. 
It’s sort of our hang out.

PABLO’S PICASSO is a small little restaurant with great food--a popular spot for surfers from the States. We enjoy Pablo’s food—he’s a very good chef.  Tell him the Fellmans sent you!!  Pablo’s is a must!

 Check out the beach and surfers at the Playa Negra Hotel--it is very scenic, and also serves food.  Don’t leave valuables in your car at Playa Negra as we’ve heard that cars have been “keyed”.  It’s never happened to us, but it’s best to be careful.  You can get to Pablo’s and Playa Negra either via the short cut by the Iguanazul Hotel, fording two small creeks (dry season only) or through Paraiso on a gravel road.

MONO CONGO AND PLAYA AVELLANA are two other spots for food.  Good pizza on the beach at Avellana.

You can also drive up to Playa Flamingo, Playa Conchal, or Playa Tamarindo.   The shortest and prettiest route (about 20? miles) is to go via the coast road up through Playa Negra.  It’s a gravel road but very easy to travel.  You can also go back to the main highway near Santa Cruz; turn left and go north to just south of Belen (watch for the signs), turn left and follow the road west to the above beaches. (About 42 miles via this route). 

Playas Flamingo and Conchal are very beautiful--you should tour the grounds of the Playa Melia Conchal and have lunch by the pool!